In my childhood I dreamed about traveling to see all famous places of the world. My dreams came true two years ago. I got a chance to go to the USA and to see with my own eyes a different country, different culture, life and many beautiful places. And I understood that I need to improve my English and I decided to take the English course with native American teachers. It was 8 months ago… our first lessons with Amy and Brad. The lessons differed from our ordinary lessons at the University. Our teachers Amy and Brad told about themselves and it was the first difference, because usually we didn't know anything about teachers. I think that this made the atmosphere of lessons friendly and open. It was absolutely new way of studying for me. The lessons were like a game. Teachers gave us new tasks and we did them with a big pleasure. During their classes we expressed our thoughts easily and were not afraid of making mistakes because we knew that the teachers would help us.

Very different people were studying in our group; they had different level of English. Some people studied English for work, somebody wanted to go to the USA, and somebody just did not want to lose their English knowledge. Every one had his own purposes. We discussed different topics, showed our knowledge and opinions. Recently I visited the lecture of one American architect. And thanks to my English course I understood everything he said.

I hope we will keep in touch with my classmates and teachers maybe by internet. And maybe life will give us a chance to meet again.

I think this course was a good experience for us. The modern world gives people a lot of information and new technologies, new opportunities. We need to learn international languages like English. If not, it limits your contact with the world.

Яна  Копытова, студентка  ВоГУ