I began to learn English at school. Boring lessons with lot’s of homework. All was not very clear to me. My teacher did not pay attention to it at all. My parents it seems didn’t think about the pleasure of understanding 500 million people more :) They didn’t speak to me about it. Only in the senior classes I have started to think whether there is another way to learn English? The child, starting to speak doesn’t learn separate words and grammar rules. He just perceives the language.

In my childhood I dreamed about traveling to see all famous places of the world. My dreams came true two years ago. I got a chance to go to the USA and to see with my own eyes a different country, different culture, life and many beautiful places. And I understood that I need to improve my English and I decided to take the English course with native American teachers. It was 8 months ago… our first lessons with Amy and Brad. The lessons differed from our ordinary lessons at the University. Our teachers Amy and Brad told about themselves and it was the first difference, because usually we didn't know anything about teachers. I think that this made the atmosphere of lessons friendly and open. It was absolutely new way of studying for me. The lessons were like a game. Teachers gave us new tasks and we did them with a big pleasure. During their classes we expressed our thoughts easily and were not afraid of making mistakes because we knew that the teachers would help us.

"It is just few minutes and I will go... Who is that man? What will he ask me? Do I have a chance to study at this class?.."

Such kind of thoughts I’ve got before my first conversation with an American! And the first person I’ve spoken with was Brad. The conversation wasn’t too difficult! It was easy enough! Then I met Amy, the second teacher of our course, and her friend Laura. But the first conversation has become unforgettable for me.

Идею съездить и посмотреть США я вынашивал ещё с начала первого курса, но на пути к мечте всегда появлялись какие-то обстоятельства. И вот, к моему великому счастью, на 21 году жизни у меня все получилось. Оказалось это вовсе не так страшно и сложно, как многие могут подумать, но очень захватывающе и интересно.  

У меня давно была мечта съездить в Лондон, и вот, будучи студентом университета, я решила её осуществить. Я знала, что могу обратиться за помощью в организации поездки в Отдел Международного Сотрудничества ВоГУ. Именно туда я и отправилась в начале сентября. 

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