I began to learn English at school. Boring lessons with lot’s of homework. All was not very clear to me. My teacher did not pay attention to it at all. My parents it seems didn’t think about the pleasure of understanding 500 million people more :) They didn’t speak to me about it. Only in the senior classes I have started to think whether there is another way to learn English? The child, starting to speak doesn’t learn separate words and grammar rules. He just perceives the language.

At the University we studied English only by translating tests and learning new words. It has widened my vocabulary, especially in the field of architecture. But I could make sentences only word by word.

When I had an interview for the American courses my brain boiled! I heard real foreign speech directed to me. And I understood! The problem was how to express what I wanted to answer or to say in my turn.

At courses the main problem for me was tests. I never was able to write them. I always forgot about them. It is a shame on me. I thought much, but spoke a little. Wished to ask much but asked a little. I am silent in Russian and I am silent in English. For studying language the habit of being silent is the main problem. It’s good that we were offered different themes to discuss in groups.

In general, it is good that there is such a program. I wish to tell MANY MANY THANKS for our teachers Amy and for Bradley for this year, for their brave desire to work in Russia. It became for me ”THE YEAR OF ENGLISH” . Each lesson was very interesting. I always feel their desire to work with students.   Lessons like games, it’s very good. In general there is a huge difference when you learn English with a Russian-speaking teacher and a native speaker. Now I don’t have any fear to speak English.

Светлана  Попова-Знаменская, студентка  ВоГУ